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September is National Preparedness Month

Do you know how to get information during a brush fire in Glendale? Have you developed a 72-hour emergency supply kit with plenty of food, water and supplies for you, your family and your pets to use after the next earthquake?

September is National Preparedness Month (NPM). It is a time to prepare yourself and those you love for emergencies and disasters.

Take these five simple steps to prepare your family for the next disaster that may strike Glendale:

  1. Emergency Supply Kit: Build a 72-hour emergency supply kit with food, water and supplies for each member of your family, including your pets. Be sure to have a kit at your home, in your car and office.

  2. Communication Plan: Create a family communication plan with family member phone numbers, important business contacts such as the local hospitals, your doctor’s number, and an out of state contact.

  3. Evacuation Plan: Develop an evacuation plan which includes the evacuation routes of your home, your neighborhood and the city, should you need to leave quickly. Be sure that you have developed a list with multiple exit routes in case your primary route is closed or impacted by the disaster.

  4. Practice your plans: It is important to conduct evacuation drills every six months to a year in order to ensure that your family members are able to follow through with the plan. The more often a plan is practiced, the more likely the plan will be remembered when under stress.

  5. Be informed during local emergencies: To get up to date information regarding disasters, residents should follow @GlendaleCAFire and @MyGlendale on Twitter, visit City’s website for information, watch GTV6 on Charter channel 6, and register on Everbridge. Everbridge is the City of Glendale’s mass notification system, which is utilized during large incidents to issue notifications to effected residents. It is critical that all residents log into Everbridge at to update their contact information. Each resident can list multiple contact numbers, email address, and preferred text message numbers so that incident information is disseminated quickly.

Depending on the type of emergency, the Emergency Information Center (EIC) will be activated which is a phone bank managed by city staff and allows residents to speak to a live person about the incident. When the Emergency Information Center is activated, please use 818-548-3301 to get information.

The Glendale Fire Department encourages residents to implement these five emergency preparedness steps to help prepare you and your family for the next emergency that impacts the City of Glendale. To get more emergency preparedness information, please visit

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