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Community Meetings to Discuss ​Use of Development Impact Fees

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Thomas R. Lorenz, Director of Communications & Community Relations 818-548-4844 (office) 818-535-1958 (cell)

Tamar Sadd, Community Outreach Assistant

Community Meetings to Discuss Use of Development Impact Fees

Glendale, CA – The Community Services & Parks Department is expected to receive approximately $16 million dollars in downtown, and near downtown, development-related fees over the next 12 months. The City will host three community meetings to hear from you on park needs and priorities. You are invited to attend a community meeting to share your thoughts and ideas on where and how to spend these funds.

DIF funds consist of a combination of Quimby Fees collected on new residential subdivisions and “Mitigation Fee Act” fees collected on all other types of development. Whereas Quimby Fees can be used to replace or repair existing playground apparatus or athletic fields, Glendale has not had many new residential subdivisions, and therefore, there is not a large pool of funding for this use. On the other hand, Mitigation Fees generated from downtown development comprise nearly all of the DIF funds at the City’s disposal; yet they can only be used for new park and recreational facilities or library facilities, or for new features and amenities to existing parks or libraries in order to accommodate the demands of new residents on parks and libraries. Also, there is a 90%/10% split between parks and recreation dedicated fees versus library dedicated fees. With all of these regulations considered, there needs to be some framework for the community’s interests in parks and recreation priorities. For example, acquiring improved properties for clearing, cleaning, and constructing a sizeable new community park in central Glendale would likely eat up all of the DIF money (and then some) in one fell swoop. Conversely, funds may be directed to a wide variety of allowable projects in a number of different locations. Thus, the City Council wants to hear from you.

Over the month of September and into October, the Community Services & Parks (CSP) Department will be hosting three public workshops to talk with residents about community priorities for the investment of these dollars. Options will range from brand new amenities in existing parks (shade structures, bathrooms, community rooms, playgrounds, ballfields), to new parks (both large and small, and recognizing the tradeoffs of such large, singular investments), to working with our partners in the Glendale Unified School District to improve and open up existing school sites and public open spaces (after school hours and on weekends). There really are many terrific alternatives and, in all likelihood, we will see a combination of solutions and concepts. Please come out to the workshops and help plan the future of Glendale’s parks and open spaces!

Monday, September 14 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Adult Recreation Center, 201 East Colorado Street

Saturday, September 26 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at Maple Park Community Center, 820 East Maple Street

Saturday, October 3 from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at Pacific Park Community Center, 501 South Pacific Avenue

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