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Glendale To Start Issuing Citations for Water Waste


Atineh Haroutunian

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Glendale To Start Issuing Citations for Water Waste

GLENDALE, California – Glendale Water & Power will start issuing citations for repeat water wasters. In an effort to continue to meet its 20% water conservation goal set by the State, Glendale Water & Power is informing customers that if repeated violations of the Mandatory Water Conservation Ordinance are not corrected, then citations ranging from $100 to $500 will be issued.

The City of Glendale has been in water conservation mode since 2007. Increased education efforts were implemented in 2014 when the City Council announced Phase II and later Phase III of mandatory water conservation. The City has had considerable success in encouraging water reduction by its customers without having to issue citations resulting in fines. These results were reflected in this past month’s usage reports; the City of Glendale reached a 27% savings for the month of July. However, is apparent that some residents and businesses continue to use water in violation of the mandates in place.

Designated GWP employees will be out in the City observing water usage and will document violations, such as watering on the wrong day, Warning letters will be issued to customers, both business and residential, indicate the type of water waste that is in violation of the Mandatory Water Conservation Ordinance and/or No Water Waste Policy. If the violation is not corrected, GWP will send the customer a citation. The first violation fine will be in the amount of $100. If the violation is not corrected, customers are subject to progressively higher fines of $200 for the second violation and $500 for the third violation.

The City of Glendale’s water conservation ordinance allows the City to impose fines on residents and businesses that continue to waste water after being notified that they are violating the regulations. “We are committed to having every household and business use water wisely and help Glendale meet its water conservation goals set forth by the State. We are all in this together, and must do our part to continue to conserve,” stated Steve Zurn, General Manager of Glendale Water & Power.

More information on water conservation and citations can be found at Customers can anonymously report water waste by calling 818-550-4426 or submitting an online form.


Glendale Water & Power is the City of Glendale’s utility and generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to 85,358 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Glendale, California. The city-owned utility also provides water to 33,744 customers., @COGwater power

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