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GFD Responds to a Vehicle That Drove into a Construction Site

Traffic Collision

Intersection of N. Central Ave. and W. Wilson Ave.

Incident #GLN1514078


9:25 a.m.

Vehicle drives into a construction site

On Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 9:25 a.m., 8 Glendale units (1 Battalion Chief, 2 engine companies, 2 truck companies, 1 urban search and rescue unit, and 2 basic life support ambulances) along with 1 urban search and rescue unit from Pasadena and 1 heavy rescue from Los Angeles City Fire departments under command of Battalion Chief Ron Gulli, responded to a traffic collision involving a rescue located at the intersection of North Central Avenue and West Wilson Avenue in the City of Glendale.

Glendale Truck 21 arrived first on the scene to discover a three-vehicle collision at the intersection of North Central and West Wilson. During the collision, one vehicle veered out of the intersection colliding with a construction fence and plunged 30 feet into an active construction site. The other vehicle headed towards the construction zone but was stopped after colliding with a parked vehicle. When the firefighters approached the vehicle in the construction site, three police officers were comforting the driver. Firefighters began an intricate patient extrication from the vehicle. Using specialized hand tools, rescuers carefully cut open the vehicle while paramedics protected the patient and provided medical attention. Firefighters then hoisted the patient out of the construction site using an aerial ladder and a Stokes basket.

Glendale Fire Department paramedics assessed both drivers at the scene. One driver was unharmed. The patient who was extricated from the vehicle was transported with major injuries to a local hospital for further medical evaluation.

The cause of the accident is under investigation. Glendale Fire Department resources were on scene for two hour and 27 minutes. Glendale Police Department assisted with traffic control during the incident. The Glendale Fire Department would like to remind residents that paying attention while driving is crucial to the safety of the community.

The mission of the Glendale Fire Department is to protect life and property by providing the highest level of service to the community. For more information about the Glendale Fire Department, go to

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