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City Hall Commencing Landscaping Upgrades

The City of Glendale’s Public Works and Community Services & Parks Departments will begin a 2-month landscaping project of City Hall beginning Saturday, October 10, 2015. The landscaping project will remove trees which are in poor health and / or crowding native trees out of sunlight and water. New trees, native to California, will replace the existing water intensive trees. Approximately two-thirds of the existing turf will also be removed and replaced with California native and other climate appropriate plants.

The new landscaping will include a variety of trees, shrubs and ground cover ranging in size, shape and horticultural interest that complement the building. The project will also include an element of visual enhancement with the implementation of low wattage LED lighting to accent the architectural features of the building and grounds. These upgrades will reduce water use and daily maintenance and will provide for greater environmental diversity and improved air quality.

Glendale’s City Hall will celebrate its 75th anniversary next year. To continue to preserve the building’s condition, the project will include the installation of mow curbs, maintenance strips, and grading along the building’s perimeter to redirect water away from the building’s foundation. A number of deferred maintenance projects will also be addressed including broken concrete water diversion strips, water main and sewer line maintenance and replacement of irrigations lines and vales.

The City of Glendale is excited to bring forward a fresh look to the City Hall grounds. Residents can expect to see a “greener” landscape in front of City Hall before Thanksgiving.

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