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Alert - Pacific Avenue & Pioneer Drive Traffic Delays on Oct. 21

One of the City of Glendale Public Works Department’s current projects is the Pacific Avenue & Burchett Street Wastewater Capacity & Street Improvements. In an effort to maintain the City’s infrastructure, this project aims to upgrade the existing sewer mains, rehabilitate surrounding pavement and modify traffic signals at ten intersections.

Since the sewer mains were originally installed, both the land use and population have significantly increased, causing a slight decrease in performance of certain sewer mains. As a precaution to prevent any potential overflows, sewer mains with larger diameters will be installed to increase the capacity.

On Wednesday, October 21th, this installation will result in major traffic delays on Pacific Avenue and Pioneer Drive going north and south towards the freeway from 8:00AM until the end of the day. If your morning commute involves that area, it’s advised you take a detour route. Other sewer enhancement locations include Pioneer Drive between Kenliworth Avenue and Pacific Avenue, on Pacific Avenue between Pioneer Drive and Burchett Street, and on Burchett Street between Pacific Avenue and First Alley West of Central Avenue.

We will also be reconstructing damaged curbs, gutters, driveway and alley approaches, sidewalks and curb ramps to comply with ADA regulations, along with pavement striping to increase pedestrian safety. Also beginning this Wednesday, October 21th, is the pavement rehabilitation on Burchett Street between Central Avenue and Pacific Avenue towards the south side. Residences in this area should be on the lookout for door hanger notices. If you receive one of these notices, your driveway will be closed for reconstruction from 8:30AM-5:00PM. Apartment complexes will be receiving one door hanger notice for the whole building, if you come across one please notify your neighbors of the driveway closure. For live updates concerning this project and any other projects that may affect you, follow us on Twitter or like our page on Facebook.

Below is a detailed map depicting the locations. ​​

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