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San Fernando Road Traffic Delays Coming Soon

A highly anticipated, $14 million project organized by Glendale’s Public Works Department began mobilizing this week. Changeable message signs were installed on San Fernando Road warning drivers of the upcoming project and predicted traffic delays. Once the traffic control plans are approved by both our staff and the contractor, crews will begin to set up the necessary equipment to establish their workspace. Once their workspace is ready, they will proceed to close two lanes on San Fernando Road for construction. However there will be one lane open in each direction for traffic at all times.

The Chevy Chase Sewer Diversion & Public Works Yard Recycled Water Main is one of our larger scaled projects that will be taking place over the span of two years from November 2015-March 2017. A portion of this project includes installing a new sewer pipe starting on Colorado Boulevard and continuing through the Public Works Yard and ending in West Chevy Chase Drive. The new sewer pipe will divert the wastewater flow from the Hyperion treatment plant in the City of Los Angeles to the joint Los Angeles/Glendale Wastewater Reclamation Plant (LAGWRP), saving the City approximately $1 million annually in treatment fees. The second portion of the project includes installing a recycled water main beginning at Los Angeles Street continuing through the Public Works Yard to West Chevy Chase Drive, which is anticipated to save Glendale 2.5M gallons of potable water per year.

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