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Tri-City AB-109 Task Force Nets 7 Arrests in Probation/Parole Compliance Check Operation

The Glendale AB-109 Task Force was established in July 2013 in order to address the needs of realignment. The Task Force is comprised of officers from Glendale, Burbank and San Fernando. The three cities have established a partnership with the Los Angeles County Probation Department to address the supervision of individuals released from prison on Post Release Community Supervision (PRCS).

The Glendale AB-109 Task Force uses department resources and a variety of tactics to ensure that individuals on active probation, parole, PRCS and registered sex offenders are obeying all laws and in compliance with court conditions.

The Glendale AB-109 has established working relationships with the Department of Family and Children Services, California Department of Corrections, Department of Homeland Security, District Attorney’s Office, Code Enforcement, and local law enforcement agencies. The Task Force, along with the members of outside agencies and services, work cohesively towards accomplishing the mission of supervising the probation population.

On November 24, 2015, the San Gabriel Valley Tri-City AB-109 Task Force conducted a Probation/Parole compliance check operation in Glendale and Burbank. Officers conducted 19 compliance checks and arrested 7 individuals for various offenses.

Officers involved in the operation included the following:

Glendale Police Department, Burbank Police Department, Los Angeles County Probation, Department of Homeland Security, and California State Parole.

Jean Carlo Gonzalez DOB: 03-03-86 - 2200 block of Fairview St., Burbank:

Carlo has a history of using methamphetamine and was found at the home attempting to hide in the bathroom. Carlo was taken into custody for refusing to check into a drug treatment facility.

Jerome Richardson DOB: 10-01-74 - 200 block of East Wilson Ave., Glendale:

Richardson is a 290 sex registrant that was previously caught in a Glendale vice sting operation at a massage parlor. Richardson was found residing in a room not previously reported to the probation office and was in violation of 290 Sex Registration laws. He also had a $5,000.00 Glendale warrant. Richardson was arrested and booked for failing to update his address as a registered sex offender and the warrant.

Jason Renaux DOB: 10-31-79- 300 block of Harvey Drive, Glendale:

Renaux is on active parole for forcible rape involving a knife. A search of his property revealed a pair of “thumb cuffs” that are similar to regular handcuffs that require a handcuff key to open. Renaux’s special conditions include not being in possession of any type of “bondage or restraint devices.” In addition, a pocket knife and ammunition were located. A parole hold was issued and Renaux was placed under arrest for the parole violation and a felon in possession of ammunition.

Ernest Quintero DOB: 11-19-86 - 2200 block of North Catalina St., Burbank:

Quintero was located at his residence and admitted to recent cocaine and methamphetamine usage. Quintero was verbally sanctioned by Los Angeles County Probation on scene. No arrest made.

Jose Valenzuela DOB: 12-01-69 - 1200 block of South Orange St., Glendale:

Valenzuela is an Echo Park gang member and has a history of drug use and contacted in front of his residence. He was found to be in possession of a methamphetamine pipe and seven individually packaged baggies containing methamphetamine located in his socks and shoes. Valenzuela was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a methamphetamine pipe and violation of probation conditions.

Sarkis Akopyan DOB: 09-27-82 - 200 block of North Columbus, Glendale:

Akopyan has an arrest history for robbery. Akopyan arrived at the location while officers were on scene and admitted to recent methamphetamine use. He was placed under arrest for violation of his probation conditions.

Samuel Ruiz DOB: 10-03-77 - 1100 block of Boynton St., Glendale:

Ruiz was found sitting in his car in front of the location drinking beer and listening to music. He was placed under arrest for being drunk in public.

Female on Probation - Burbank:

Items of evidence relating to identity theft were located at a Burbank address involving a female on probation. The case remains under investigation by detectives. No arrests were made.

Michael Berry DOB: 02-25-60 - 1200 block of South Orange Street, Glendale:

Berry was located in front of the location riding his bicycle and was uncooperative during the investigation. A search of the residence revealed an operable stun gun. It was determined that Berry was living at the location and had failed to report his home address to Los Angeles County Probation.

Berry was placed under arrest for resisting and delaying a police officer, a felon in possession of a stun gun, and violation of his probation conditions.

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