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City of Glendale Employee Recognized for Exemplary Customer Service

Due to health issues, moving trash bins from the curb back to the gate had become a laborious task for an elderly Glendale resident. The fact that his driveway was long and sloped downward only made matters worse. Yet one day, upon leaving his home to fetch the cans from below, he realized a good Samaritan had moved them back up the driveway for him. This act of kindness continued for months.

This good Samaritan was City of Glendale Integrated Waste truck driver Ronny Valtierra. He was aware of the man’s physical ailments, and took it upon himself to move the cans back up the driveway whenever he was in the immediate vicinity. This became part of Ronny’s weekly routine, and he mentioned it to nobody.

After experiencing these acts of kindness for several months, the elderly man’s daughter eventually discovered Ronny and called his supervisor to express her gratitude.

Ronny was formally recognized for his selfless acts of kindness during Tuesday’s City Council Meeting and was issued a Mayor’s Commendation.

Public Works Director Roubik Golanian hailed Ronny as the embodiment of City of Glendale values.

“It’s moments like this that makes it all worthwhile and makes me proud to be the director of a fantastic department and employees like Ronny, who on a daily basis provide exceptional customer service to our residents,” Golanian said. “Ronny is a shining example of all the dedicated employees we have in the department and throughout the city.”

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