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Glendale Fire Department Hosts Pinning Ceremony to Celebrate Promotions

The Glendale Fire Department hosted a pinning ceremony this morning to celebrate the promotion of six personnel and recognize their significant contributions. The following promotions were officially honored:

  • Firefighter Brian Williams to the rank of Fire Engineer

  • Firefighter paramedic Jeff Brooks to the rank of Fire Captain

  • Firefighter paramedic Jim Michaels to the rank of Fire Captain

  • Firefighter paramedic Steven Genovese to the rank of Fire Captain

  • Fire Captain Brian Richey to the rank of Battalion Chief

  • Fire Captain Cody Smith to the rank of Battalion Chief

The ceremony included the return of their current rank badge and the pinning of the new ranked position badge. It was followed by a dedication to the rigors of their new positions by taking the Public Service Oath.

The badge pinning ceremony of the Glendale Fire Department is a time-honored tradition signifying the introduction and transition of new departmental leaders to their new positions. It is an opportunity to recognize their efforts in front of colleagues, city officials and City of Glendale residents.

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