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GFD Welcomes Nine New Ambulance Operator Academy Graduates

On Friday, January 29, 2016, nine Ambulance Operator Trainees successfully completed the Ambulance Operator Academy. The 80 hours of academy training included patient assessment and treatment, ambulance maintenance procedures, emergency driving, equipment operation and maintenance, ambulance inventory, city geography and communication procedures.

The newly promoted ambulance operators are currently entering the field orientation phase of their training. The nine ambulance operators will conduct seventy-two hours of field training with on-duty ambulance operators. On-duty personnel will mentor the new ambulance operators and demonstrate how the Glendale Fire Department provides exceptional customer service to every patient and provides the highest level of care with compassion and respect. Following the completion of the field training, the nine ambulance operators will be assigned to a basic life support (BLS) unit on the platoon schedule.

The Glendale Fire Department would like to congratulate Rudy Morefield, Kevin Smyj, Alexander Castorena, Adam Pedroza, Hagop Aristakessian, Darrell Little, Edgar Arana, Karapet Emishyan, and Tom Melikyan for the successful completion of the Ambulance Operator Academy.

To learn more about the ambulance operator position and the Glendale Fire Department, please visit

The mission of the Glendale Fire Department is to protect life and property by providing the highest level of service to the community. For more information about the Glendale Fire Department, go to

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