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Glendale Police Launches One-Of-A-Kind Tactical Medicine Program

Police officers are often the first to arrive at the scene of an emergency, and now they’ll be equipped with the training to immediately apply medical triage and patient assessment while the paramedics are en route. This is due to the recently launched Glendale Police Tactical Medicine Program, which provides officers with the skills and knowledge to properly administer medical aid in a wide variety of situations.

The Tactical Medicine Program is unique to Glendale, and represents the blending of Fire/ Paramedic services with those of our Police force. It consisted of intensive classroom sessions where the fifty participants engaged in hands-on training to properly learn bleeding control, tourniquet application, airway management, splinting and wound care. They were also given the opportunity to demonstrate their new medical abilities via scenario based training simulations.

Glendale Chief of Police Rob Castro is excited about the program’s community safety enhancement prospects.

“We believe this level of enhanced service will provide a great need for our community to be able to address the continued demands on our Fire department as well as be able to better respond to the many medical emergencies we come across on a daily basis,” said Castro.

The ultimate goal of the program is to equip officers with the ability to save lives before emergency medical personnel arrive on the scene. All Glendale Police personnel are scheduled to undergo Tactical Medicine Program training.

Castro believes the program is indicative of Glendale’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

“This is an absolute win for the residents and visitors of our community,” said Castro. “They can have confidence now that Police and Fire are working closer than ever before to provide the highest level of policing service, as well as medical response that makes Glendale a unique organization and the wonderful city that it is.”

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