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Overview of the Proposed Burbank Airport 14-Gate Replacement Terminal Project

Originally built in 1930, Burbank Bob Hope Airport is a community landmark from both a historical and air travel standpoint. However, its venerable infrastructure is in need of some updates to properly adhere to current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards. The Airport Authority is seeking to address these issues by constructing a replacement terminal pending Burbank City Council and voter approval.

This proposed project scope will address the following:

1. Lengthen the distance between the terminals and runways

The Burbank Bob Hope Airport runway currently resides exactly 250 feet from the terminal. This will need to be effectively tripled to 750 feet to align with modern FAA standards.

2. Update seismic standards

Certain portions of the terminal don’t adhere with current seismic design standards and

need to be updated accordingly.

3. Enhance overall passenger convenience and traveler experience

The project would result in the creation of the following:

  • Disability-friendly facilities

  • Indoor baggage claim

  • Wider corridors and waiting areas

  • More restrooms and TSA screening areas

  • Additional restaurants and concessions

It’s important to note this project will be maintaining the total number of gates (14) and parking spaces (6,637). The overall square footage will potentially increase up to 53.2% from 232,000 to a max 355,000.

The preferred replacement terminal concept contains a two-story structure complete with enhanced facilities for parking, ticketing, security screening, and baggage claim. The first level will be for passengers, while the second will be primarily purposed for the airlines and TSA personnel. Convenient terminal access will also be added.

The project is projected to cost roughly $400 million and will be funded entirely by the FAA, airlines, and airport users – NOT local taxpayers. The Airport Authority expects it to generate hundreds of construction, transportation, and service-specific jobs along with attracting more companies to the nearby Media District North.

Upon the completion of the project, the passenger terminal will be demolished.

In order to become a reality, the project’s fate lies in the hands of Measure B, an initiative ordinance passed by Burbank voters in 2000 stipulating a replacement terminal can ultimately only be built via voter approval.

According to the Replacement Terminal Project website, voters will be asked to specifically approve:

“(1) An agreement and discretionary actions by the City of Burbank permitting the Airport Authority to build a 14-gate replacement terminal not to exceed 355,000 square feet, and (2) lasting protections agreed to by the Airport Authority that will never allow the Airport Authority to take certain specified actions without the approval of Burbank. If approved by the Burbank City Council, a Measure B vote could occur in November 2016.”

For more information about the scope and benefits of this project, visit their website or view the mailer recently sent out to Burbank residents.

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