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Glendale Fire and Police Best State-Average Emergency Response Times

When it comes to emergency response, every second is critical.

Here at the City of Glendale, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier safety services, and low emergency response times are an integral part of that mission. We recently compared our average response times against the state average.

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Fire Department – Average Response Time

Glendale Fire’s response time is 54% faster than the state average. This is primarily due to dispatchers adhering to stringent response standards and the fact our crews are trained to be in their trucks and heading to the emergency less than a minute after receiving a call.

Police Department – Average Response Time

Glendale Police’s response time is 66% faster than the state average. This can be credited to the creativity employed by our dispatchers and the willingness of Police personnel to set aside their current tasks in favor of attending to higher priority calls. This seamless collaboration between dispatchers and patrol officers is ultimately the driving force behind the noteworthy average response time.


Our Police and Fire departments acknowledge the immense importance of emergency response times and are continuously striving to ensure they maintain that high level of service to the community. It also exemplifies the departmental chemistry and efficiency that defines a full-service city.

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