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Taking Care of Business: The Walt Disney Company

Taking Care of Business is an ongoing content series highlighting the history and offerings of Glendale companies.


In 1923, an ambitious young man named Walter Elias Disney signed a contract to produce a series of cartoons known as the Alice Comedies. That moment in history represents the formal founding of the Disney Brothers Studio, and the creation of a brand that would eventually become one of the preeminent entertainment companies in the world.

The Disney Brothers Studio eventually became a hot commodity thanks to a series of successful cartoons and the hijinks of its iconic character Mickey Mouse. The company began to grow as talented animators and technical professionals flocked to join its ranks. Their labor resulted in the first ever fully animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and marked the beginning of their animated film legacy.

Over the decades The Walt Disney Company has continued to expand its programming and offerings, establishing theme parks, cruise lines, music labels, merchandising, and continuing its filmmaking and television tradition.

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While Disney has parks and operations across the world, it calls the San Fernando Valley its corporate home. The headquarters are located in nearby Burbank, flanked by film divisions Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

As an international multimedia corporation, Disney owns the following noteworthy companies:





Its theme parks alone attracted 148,341,000 attendees in 2014 and raked in $2.2 billion in profits.

Glendale Presence

Glendale is proud to be called home by the Disney Grand Central Creative Campus, a sprawling business park containing offices for Disney Imagineering, Disney Consumer Products, and Disney Interactive.

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