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Glendale Healthier Community Coalition Survey Available Online Now

Local health and wellness organization Glendale Healthier Community Coalition is conducting an online survey as part of their continuous effort to better understand the impacts transportation modalities have on community health. The ultimate objective is to increase comprehension of patients’ and community members’ transportation habits and use the resulting insights to help provide quality health care services to rural residents.

The survey is available in English, Spanish, and Armenian. The links are below:

The primary survey objectives are the following:

  • Identify community members' use of public and/or private transportation

  • Assess community members' use of primary care services and Emergency room/urgent clinics

  • Assess the use of such services as Uber and Lyft for medical trips

  • Assess how much our community members rely on others for transportation, specifically for health related purposes

The survey is completely confidential and generally doesn’t last for longer than five minutes. Participants won’t be required to divulge their names or any additional identifying information.

Residents throughout Glendale, Highland Park, Glassel Park and Eagle Rock are encouraged to participate in the survey. The deadline for the survey responses is Monday, April 11, 2016.

The Glendale Healthier Community Coalition plans and implements projects that promote disease prevention, health education, clean and safe environments, adequate housing, affordable and quality education, and community revitalization. The GHCC mission statement embraces a broad definition of health which includes the wider spectrum of environmental influences impacting the community’s well-being. GHCC has brought together 52 organizational and individual community members including 14 from health care, nine from city government, two from education, seven from business/media, 11 from non-profit agencies, several clergy, and the balance made up of other community stakeholders.

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