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2015-2016 Report on the Status of Women and Girls

The City of Glendale Commission on the Status of Women, in partnership with Mount Saint Mary’s University, has produced the 2015-16 Report on the Status of Women and Girls. This report assesses the latest data and trends making an impact on the lives of more than 108,000 women and girls who make up more than half of Glendale’s population. The report provides a snapshot of the City through the lens of Glendale’s women and girls across eight key issue areas: demographics, education, employment and earnings, veterans, poverty, health, safety, and leadership. It charts the progress women have made in this City, but also calls to mind the work that still needs to be done, so that all members of society have equal access to opportunities and resources.

To view the report, please click here.

Any organization interested in having the Commission present the findings of this report to their group may contact the Commission on the Status of Women at (818) 548-4844 or


The purpose of the City of Glendale Commission on the Status of Women, is to advance social justice and equity and ensure equality of rights and opportunities for all women and girls in Glendale by building new and strengthening existing bridges between the City’s diverse groups, organizations, agencies and individuals; by increasing the level of knowledge in the community regarding women’s issues and the status of women in our community; by encouraging and promoting participation and by increasing visibility of women in all spheres of life in Glendale (including home, work, school, and government).

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