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Pulse of the City: Integrated Waste

When driving throughout Glendale, it’s common to notice our Integrated Waste Management (IWM) Fleet going about their daily business. Responsible for the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste materials in accordance with regulations and in a manner that protects public health, the trucks play an integral role in our Public Works operation. They also serve as a source of awe for Glendale youth, as certain kids have made a weekly tradition out of waiting for the sights and sounds that accompany the arrival of our automated trash trucks. Ultimately, the presence of our IWM fleet is one of the most visible city entities that can be spotted throughout the Jewel City.

Glendale’s IWM division provides vital waste collection, transportation, and disposal services to both Glendale residents and commercial businesses. We also operate our own street sweeping and bulky item collection services. In a time where many city municipalities are opting to contract out with third-party agencies, we still own and operate the entirety of our waste management functions.

Below are some interesting factoids about our IWM operation:

  • 95% of our trash trucks run on an alternative fuel known as compressed gas

  • On any given day, 40 + trucks will be out on their routes

  • Each truck can accommodate roughly 10.5 tons of waste

  • Each day we pick up and transport roughly 300 tons a day

To view our Trash Collection Area Map, click here.

For more information regarding our various programs and services, click here.

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