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Judge Rules Pro-Measure N Ballot Language Misleading, Orders Revision

On June 7th, Glendale voters will be tasked with deciding the fate of the Utility Users Tax (UUT), a monthly tax levied on water, power, and gas that accounts for $17.5 million and represents the third largest city revenue source for the general fund. Bill Taliaferro, a local resident obtained a number of signatures to place a repeal on the ballot, removing the longstanding revenue source. Taliaferro composed the argument supporting the measure. Following concerns regarding the language contained within his pro-Measure N argument, Glendale City Clerk Ardy Kassakhian sued Taliaferro alleging misinformation. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert O'Brien sided with the city of Glendale, ruling Taliaferro’s language was indeed misleading and required revisions.

The Glendale UUT was established in 1969, and provides crucial funding to Police, Fire, and 9-1-1 Emergency Response services. It also subsidizes Community Services & Parks, Library, Arts & Culture, and Public Works street maintenance.

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