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Pulse of the City: Public Works

When it comes to street maintenance and resident services, Glendale Public Works is literally and metaphorically paving the way. They’re charged with the ongoing maintenance and modernization of Glendale’s infrastructure such as streets, sewers, traffic signals, playground facilities, sports field structures, and parking garages. This mission is accomplished through the prudent use of resources, technology, innovations, teamwork, and coordination with other service providers in the City.

Public Works By The Numbers:

  • Filled 14,000 Square Feet of Potholes

  • Repaired 30,000 + Square Feet of Sidewalks

  • Trimmed 9,000 Trees

  • Planted 300 Trees

  • Collected 1,700 Tons of Bulky Items

  • Installed/ Repaired 1,200 + Traffic Signs

  • Resurfaced 20 Lane Miles of Street

  • Replaced Over 200,000 Square Feet of Sidewalks

Glendale Public Works is comprised of six divisions:


Tasked with managing 400 employees and a $130 million operating budget, Public Works Admin oversees the entire Public Works operation and ensures the continuous implementation of quality services.

Fleet Services

They’re instrumental in ensuring city vehicles operate at their highest level, regularly providing maintenance to cars and equipment.

Integrated Waste Management

Responsible for the proper collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste materials in accordance with regulations and in a manner that protects public health.

Maintenance Services

Comprised of the Street & Field Services, Wastewater Maintenance, and Facilities Management divisions, Maintenance Services provides ongoing maintenance to Glendale’s infrastructure.

Facilities Management

Provides building maintenance and custodial services to city facilities including libraries, fire stations, and parks facilities.


Responsible for planning, design and construction management of Capital Improvement Projects related to Glendale’s infrastructure. Staff provides survey, design, construction inspection, and land development services.

To learn more about current and upcoming Public Works projects, click here.

Pulse of the City is an ongoing content series highlighting the many departments that comprise the City of Glendale and their respective operations.

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