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In Glendale: An Entertainer’s Musical Take on His Life in the Jewel City

Tim Heidecker is no stranger to the touring scene. A seasoned comic, he has played the role of stand-up comedian, show host, film actor, and writer throughout his entertainment career. Now he has embarked on a musical tour as part of Tim Heidecker and His Ten Piece Band, intent on rocking West Coast audiences with tunes from his debut album In Glendale, showcasing quirks and funny observations from his daily life in the Jewel City.

Heidecker’s Glendale experience is firmly rooted in the peace and tranquility of the hills, where he currently lives with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. Situated a stone’s throw from downtown LA, Dodgers Stadium, and the Rose Bowl, Glendale is a culturally diverse city brimming with top-tier shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Known as the Jewel City, it has a population of 200,000 and is called home by companies such as Nestle USA, Disney, and DreamWorks Animation Studios.

In a press release published by Heidecker’s music label Rado Records, In Glendale’s music is described as a, “post-normcore delight of exuberant bar rock, morning after parlor ballads, and tragicomic folk novelties.” He cites Randy Newman, Warren Zevon, and Harry Nilson as his main musical influences. The album was officially released on May 20th and is available on Amazon, iTunes, and various retail stores.

The press release also reads:

“For the last decade, Tim Heidecker (along with his comedy partner Eric Wareheim) has proven to be one of our cult-comedy greats with his Adult Swim series "Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job!" and "Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories." He's starred in indie films and played sold out stand-up sets around the world. But who is Tim Heidecker? Is he a real man with all the regular feels? Well, yes, of course he is. He resides on a hill in Glendale, CA, up to his armpits in diapers, bills, his mortgage, in the workaday life of a writer. It's this pedestrian side of his life from which Heidecker pulls the fodder for the aptly titled In Glendale, his first earnest collection of songwriting under his full name. In Glendale shows Heidecker shifting deftly from the mundane to the idiosyncratic; from the sentimental to the caustic; from the earnest to the humorous. His knack for crafting catchy tunes amid curious subject matter pops up in spades across In Glendale. "Ghost In My Bed" is a lovely little number about cutting off someone's head, sticking it in a plastic bag and burying it beneath the Hollywood sign. After an album's worth of songs about Hollywood murder fantasies, diaper changes and even a cameo from director David Gordon Green, you're left desperately trying to wipe the smile off your face.”

To learn more about Heidecker and In Glendale, you can visit his Tumblr or album website.

Below is a flyer containing his West Coast tour dates:

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