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The 5th Annual Glendale City Golf Tournament is Here

August 11th and 15th marks the fifth annual Glendale City Golf Championship hosted by the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation. This annual two-day golf tournament takes place at the magnificent Scholl Canyon Golf Course and concludes at the Oakmont Country Club. The exciting event raises important funds for the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation which seeks to maintain Glendale’s beautiful trails and open spaces while creating innovative recreational programs for residents of all ages.

This year, the championship will be held at the Scholl Canyon Golf Course and the Oakmont Country Club; two of the area’s premier golf courses. The qualifier round of the Glendale City Golf Championship will be held at Scholl Canyon Golf Course on August 11th. Located in Northern Glendale, the Oakmont Country Club will host the tournament’s final round on August 15th.

Since its inception in 2012, the Glendale City Golf Championship has given golf enthusiasts a chance to compete for a good cause. This year, the Glendale Parks and Open Space Foundation, Scholl Canyon Golf Course, Oakmont Country Club, American Golf, and The Local Trusted Choice Insurance Agents will host the annual championship to benefit the local parks and open spaces within Glendale. With the $85.00 entry fee, carts are included and each participant will receive 6 Titleist Pro V1 balls. Whether you are an avid golfer or just starting out, all players of all experience levels are free to participate and support our local parks.

To sign up and test your skills visit or call (818) 531-2833

For more information on the work the Glendale Parks & Open Space Foundation does, click here

View the full flyer below:

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