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New “Meet Me on Brand” Video Showcases Family Friendly Fun on Brand Boulevard

Strolling along the gleaming store windows of the Americana, getting a quick drink with some friends at the Moose Den, or eating something delicious with family at Porto’s Cafe are just snapshots of the fun and activity on Brand Boulevard.

Anyone who has lived and worked in Glendale knows that Brand has truly become the economic and entertainment epicenter of Downtown Glendale. From the international cuisine, world-class shopping, addition of luxury apartment units, and of course a variety of entertainment options; Brand is truly becoming a place for every taste.

The City of Glendale’s Economic Development division has created a public campaign called “Meet Me on Brand” showcasing how various individuals with different tastes can make the most of their visit to Brand Boulevard. The campaign released their latest short video this Wednesday highlighting the family fun you can have as you explore Brand.

The series kicked off last Wednesday with a video showing the exciting nightlife available to younger and older residents alike. These videos are just the beginning of a series which will show the truly diverse ways in which people can live, work, and enjoy Brand and in a larger sense the City of Glendale. The “Meet Me on Brand” campaign is part of a larger effort by the Economic Development division in promoting Glendale as an “18-hour” city. This effort highlights Glendale and Brand Boulevard as a full-time destination, not just a place to go to work for a few hours a day. From morning until late at night, Glendale is open for business.

For more information on Brand Boulevard and all the exciting things to do there, check out

Check out new “Meet Me on Brand” and the rest of the city’s videos by going to the City of Glendale’s YouTube page, here

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