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Innovative Battery Storage System to be Installed at Grandview

Glendale Water and Power Grandview Substation

This Wednesday, Glendale Water and Power (GWP) is set to break ground on an exciting new addition to Glendale’s energy grid; a battery storage system at Grandview Substation. As municipalities seek ways to lessen their emission footprint and maintain reliable and effective service, energy storage projects seem the way to go. The small-scale installation of a battery energy storage system (BESS) at the Grandview Substation would make Glendale one of the first in Southern California to utilize such innovative technologies. This installation will give GWP the necessary experience to add similar, larger systems in the future. As the City looks to expand its renewable energy resources, a BESS will provide the reliable energy coverage the residents of Glendale have come to expect of GWP. The creation of a BESS is just one part of GWP’s efforts to continually innovate and improve their systems to be more cost effective and dependable.

This July, GWP opened the newly rebuilt Grandview Substation. The 1930s era substation became outdated, inefficient, and unable to keep up with the increased load of the surrounding area’s energy needs. GWP, in conjunction with Beta Engineering, designed a substation that retained the traditional architecture and look while providing energy stability and redundancy for future growth and peak load periods.

GWP is also looking to replace the aging Grayson Power Plant with a cost-effective modern facility capable of handling increased energy demands. Since 1941, the Grayson Power Plant has powered the San Fernando Corridor with eight turbines. Replacing these old turbines not only means that the energy supply to residents, businesses, and industry would be reliable, but that GWP would be less reliant on expensive energy providers from elsewhere. This combination of energy efficiency and strengthening of home grown methods of energy production mean GWP, the City of Glendale, and ultimately the residents will benefit.

Installation of a battery energy storage system is just one step GWP is taking towards energy reliability, cost effectiveness, and superior energy coverage for the residents of Glendale. With the completion of the Grandview Substation and the possibility of a new and improved Grayson Power Plant, GWP continues to innovate Glendale’s energy production and storage.

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