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City Expands Amount of Easily Accessible Performance Data

The City of Glendale continues to prioritize using data as a tool to improve management decisions and to engage and communicate with the public. Demonstrating its commitment to transparency, the City has greatly expanded the amount of data, charts, and performance narratives that are available to the public. In the last year alone, the City has expanded its Measuring Performance in Glendale program from focusing on just three performance areas to now providing data on more than twelve.

The performance dashboards, which can be accessed at, are designed to provide data that reflect the City Council’s focus on ten core priority areas, including:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility

  2. Exceptional Customer Service

  3. Economic Vibrancy

  4. Informed & Engaged Community

  5. Safe & Healthy Community

  6. Balanced, Quality Housing

  7. Community Services & Facilities

  8. Infrastructure & Mobility

  9. Arts & Culture

  10. Sustainability

These data allow stakeholders, as well as City staff, to closely monitor the City’s performance across a variety of measures. The charts and narratives provide useful information on how the City is performing and provide compelling insights on trends in the community.

In addition, the City is doing more to increase the public’s access to information in near real-time. For example, the City has just released a Live Calls for Service Log that provides the community with access to information on police related activities, with updates every 15 minutes. This will allow community members to quickly find out information on police activity throughout the City. As a result, the call log has the potential to inform the community while also reducing the number of inquiry calls received by the police department. The Calls for Service Log can be accessed here:

The City of Glendale is committed to incorporating the use of data into its operations and increasing the public’s access to timely information. With a focus on improving management and transparency, Glendale will continue its efforts to be a leader in collecting, using, and sharing performance data.

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