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Residential Burglary and Package Theft stopped by Glendale Police Department

On January 11, 2017 at 12:45 pm, the Glendale Police Department responded to the 3900 block of Santa Carlotta in La Crescenta regarding a burglary in progress. The residents had been informed of the break-in via an alert from their security system’s motion detector while they were away from the home. The residents then called the Glendale Police Department after verifying the break-in.

After arriving on the scene, officers were provided with information that three African-American males were seen fleeing on foot from the area. The police then established a perimeter and conducted a search which involved the Glendale Police Department K-9 Team, Glendale SWAT Team, Burbank and San Fernando Police K-9 Teams, and the Los Angeles Police Department.

After a lengthy and exhaustive search, the three suspects were located and taken into custody without incident and charged with residential burglary. The three males are residents of Los Angeles and were identified as 22 year old Dionza Blue, 20 year old Damarr Wilson, and 20 year old Jabriel Atkins.

Glendale Police Detectives have still not located a vehicle associated with the trio. Residents are advised to report any suspicious or unknown vehicles in the vicinity of Lowell and Santa Carlotta to the Glendale Police Department at (818) 548-4911.

In addition to the residential burglary, Glendale officers arrested two package theft suspects on January 10th. On the date in question, a Glendale Police Department officer was on patrol when he was contacted by a resident regarding the theft of his package. The victim provided the officer with video evidence including images of a truck and passenger. While patrolling the area, the officer found a vehicle that matched the description and attempted a traffic stop. A short pursuit ensued before the vehicle struck a curb and forced the three occupants to flee on foot.

With the assistance of the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department and a Burbank K-9 team, a male and female were taken into custody and booked for theft and a stolen vehicle. The third male occupant remains outstanding.

The two suspects were identified as 35 year old Ines Jacome and 26 year old Noe Delarosa. Delarosa is pictured below.

These five arrests exemplify the ways in which the community and police work together to stop crime in our communities. Paying attention and reporting suspicious activity and crimes in your neighborhood is just one of the ways we can come together and reduce and prevent crime in Glendale.

Even with neighbors that keep watch over the neighborhood, your home security can still be compromised.

Below are some helpful tips from the Glendale Police Department to improve your home security:

  • A motion detection surveillance security system is highly recommended.

  • If you have an air conditioner in your window, make sure it is secured and that it is not possible to move the window in order to gain entry.

  • When leaving for vacation, home owners should maintain a “lived in” appearance at their home. Use timers to switch lights and radios on and off when you're not at home.

  • It is important to let trusted neighbors know you will be away so they can keep an eye on your home. Also, make arrangements for your mail and newspapers to be picked up.

  • Place a security bar, sometimes referred to as a “Charlie Bar,” between the patio sliding door and door jam. Don’t assume that the latch on the door is secure enough to ward off a thief.

  • Flood lights that are triggered by motion are highly recommended.

  • If you have recently moved into a new home, change all the locks and tumblers.

  • Before turning your house key over to a professional house cleaner for several hours, make sure the person is honest and reputable as well as hardworking. Check all references thoroughly.

  • Trim trees and shrubbery near windows and doors. Consider your landscaping plan in light of your protection needs.

  • Ask for credentials from any sales-person who requests entry to your home. Ask that their ID be pushed under the door. Many professional burglars use this cover to check out homes. If you're doubtful, check with the person's office before letting him or her in.

  • If someone comes to your home asking to use your phone, do not let them enter and make the call yourself.

  • Keep your garage door shut and locked at all times.

  • Dogs are great deterrents and will often alert you when someone is on your property.

For more information about the Glendale Police Department and for more safety tips, click here

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