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Four City of Glendale Employees Awarded Mayor’s Commendation for Heroism

This Tuesday’s City Council meeting took a break from its regular business to honor four Glendale employees who went above and beyond to save the lives of others. Officers Christopher Clay, Jimmy Mercado, Matthew Stafford, and Senior Wastewater Maintenance Worker Rod Torres were all honored with a Mayor’s Commendation in response to their quick thinking and immediate action which saved the lives of two elderly Glendale residents.

In the early morning hours of December 19th, Officers Clay, Mercado, and Stafford responded to a two-story house fire in the area of Dublin and Emerald Isle drives. The officers witnessed the home’s sole occupant, Mrs. Chobanyan, on the balcony attempting to escape the blaze. Taking quick action, Officer Mercado climbed the side of the building and caught onto the flaming hot balcony railing where Mrs. Chobanyan was located. Officers Clay and Stafford worked on the ground to quickly set up a neighbor’s ladder and help Mrs. Chobanyan off the balcony before the house was completely consumed by the conflagration. Thanks to the quick actions of all the officers involved, Mrs. Chobanyan was saved and no human life was lost.

On the morning of December 14th, Rod Torres and a group of Public Works employees were working adjacent to the railroad crossing on Chevy Chase Drive. While working, the group noticed an elderly woman walking very slowly across the active railroad tracks seemingly unaware of an approaching train. The employees attempted to get the attention of the elderly woman and alter her to the danger, but to no avail. With the train fast approaching, Senior Wastewater Maintenance Worker Rod Torres took immediate action and jumped across the tracks, picked the woman up, and moved her quickly out of the path of the barreling locomotive. Rod’s quick thinking and bravery not only saved the woman’s life, but averted a major accident.

The bravery, heroism, and quick thinking shown by each of these individuals demonstrate the very best of the City of Glendale. We congratulate them on receiving the Mayor’s Commendation, and thank them for their service to people and City of Glendale.

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