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L.A. Meekly LIVE presents “Between Shadow and Light: Morality in the Twilight Zone”

When it comes to California and Los Angeles, their histories can be pretty wacky. From the Old West to the Golden Age of Hollywood, L.A. has a storied and interesting past that is just waiting to be told. Hosts Daniel Zafran and Greg Gonzalez are doing just that with their equally hilarious and enlightening journey through the history books in their L.A. Meekly Podcast. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, because the Casa Verdugo Library is hosting L.A. Meekly’s LIVE podcast titled, “Between Shadow and Light: Morality in the Twilight Zone” tomorrow, March 9th.

Fans of the famous 1950s anthology television show, The Twilight Zone, remember the series fondly for its science fiction elements and exciting twists. But what sticks most in the minds of those who watched are the deeper issues the series took on such as social justice, abuse of power, racism, and other injustices that still plague humanity. The Twilight Zone was truly groundbreaking. Writer and host Rod Serling and his staff of brilliant writers fused science fiction, fantasy, and social commentary into powerful statements on humanity. Television was still in its nascent stage, but the superb storytelling and visuals resonates with fans even to this day. The technology and visuals may have changed, but the moral issues have stayed the same.

L.A. Meekly is a comedy-history podcast that delves into the hidden stories of Los Angeles’ past. Started in 2013, the podcast has covered everything from Chavez Ravine and pre-Dodger baseball in L.A., orange groves and the image of the orange, the Spanish Missions, famous murders, famous hot dogs, and the original people of Los Angeles to name a few. The podcast was listed by Los Angeles Magazine as one of the “11 Podcasts About L.A. You Must Subscribe to ASAP”.

If you are fan of L.A. history, The Twilight Zone, or just want a chance to witness a podcast live, this event is perfect for you. The L.A. Meekly LIVE podcast will be taking place, 7 pm, tomorrow March 9th, at the Casa Verdugo Library located at 1151 North Brand Boulevard.

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