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City of Glendale Affirms Police Chief’s Statement on Immigration Enforcement

The Glendale City Council has taken the formal step and supported Police Chief Robert Castro’s statement on immigration. Following the recent presidential election and executive order from the new administration, community members have understandably shown concern for their neighbors and families. Robert Castro, Chief of Police for the City of Glendale released a statement in response that affirmed the police department’s role as protectors of public safety, not federal immigration officials. In a show of support for this policy, the Glendale City Council has officially adopted Chief Castro’s statement as part of a resolution voted on at their March 28th meeting.

The federal government has the exclusive authority to enforce the civil provisions of federal immigration law relating to issues such as admission, exclusion, and deportation. Current law generally allows the federal government to permit, but not require, the assistance of local officials in such efforts.

To calm community member fears regarding this executive order, Chief of Police Robert Castro released the following statement:

The Glendale Police Department does not have the authority nor the responsibility to incarcerate or detain individuals solely based on immigration status. Our fundamental duties are based on public safety — serving the community, while focusing efforts primarily on crime prevention and law enforcement. Our responsibility is to protect the lives of the community we are sworn to serve and honor the principles of democracy upon which this country was founded.

The statement not only reflects the core values of the Glendale community, but current police policy which prohibits the detention of any individual for a civil violation of federal immigration laws. The adoption of this resolution reaffirms the Chief’s statement and the police department’s role as defenders of public safety. It is the goal of the entire department to enforce the law equally across all people within the community, and protect the people of Glendale regardless of immigration status.

To view a full copy of the resolution, click here.

If you are in need of help regarding your immigration status visit the following links for more information and helpful resources:

For a comprehensive list of resources available to Glendale residents download the Glendale Families Resource Guide.

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