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Glendale Receives “A” Grade from American Lung Association

Every year, the American Lung Association in California compiles their “State of Tobacco Control in California” report. The report highlights what municipalities have done and will do to protect their residents from second-hand tobacco smoke and the deadly effects of smoking. A total of 482 incorporated cities and towns in California are each graded across four distinct areas of tobacco control. Out of this extensive list, Glendale was ranked as one of the top cities in California, receiving an “A” grade.

Each municipality is ranked across 4 areas of tobacco control: Smoke-free Outdoor Air, Smoke-free Housing, Reducing Sales of Tobacco Products, and extra points for Emerging Issues. In all categories, Glendale scored high marks for its strong policies that protect residents from second-hand smoke in shared spaces and for its tobacco retailer licensing. Each part of the report’s methodology and description of grading criteria can be found in the full report, here.

The “A” grade from the American Lung Association in California shows that Glendale’s strong stance against unwanted exposure to the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke is making an impact. The Fresh Air Ordinance, passed in 2008, protects Glendale’s public from unwanted exposure by prohibiting smoking in public areas of the City. These public areas include city property, common areas of multi-unit rental housing, outdoor dining areas of restaurants, and private balconies and patios of multi-unit rental housing. On top of the Fresh Air Ordinance, Glendale has a separate licensing system for tobacco retailers which require a local license on top of a state one to sell tobacco products. The local licensing allows for oversight and reduces access to tobacco and tobacco paraphernalia among Glendale’s minors. Both of these efforts have limited the selling of tobacco to minors and protected our communities from the long-term health risks of secondhand smoke.

This isn’t the only accolades the City of Glendale has received in recent months. In 2016, Glendale was ranked #6 in fiscal strength among 116 large U.S. cities, 7th among midsize Pacific cities with the lowest property crime rate, and the 5th most fun City in California. The addition of the American Lung Association in California’s “A” grade goes to show that Glendale continues to be a premier place to work, play, and live.

To see the full “State of Tobacco Control in California” report, click here.

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