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Avoiding Utility Scams

Utility scams can be a surprisingly common occurrence, and anyone can be a victim. Scammers may pose as utility workers either in person or over the phone, and while you may think it is easy to spot the difference, these scams can be convincing. However, if you remember Glendale Water & Power’s (GWP) safety procedures, you can help to prevent scammers from getting what they want.

Below are some important things GWP employees do and don’t do while interacting with customers. If an employee does not follow any of the procedures below, you should either end the interaction or call (818) 548-2070 for verification.

  • Glendale Water & Power employees always have proper city identification with them. If you are unsure, ask for the employee’s city ID.

  • GWP Employees never enter a customer’s home without prior notification.

  • Employees never enter a home to check water quality. All water quality tests are done outdoors at a hose bib. There is no need for customers to be outside during the test.

  • GWP employees never ask for payments over the phone or in person at your home/business. Over the phone payments can only be made through GWP’s telephone IVR system and never with a live person. If you receive a call asking for payment, hang up immediately.

  • GWP never calls threatening to shut off your water or power. If you receive a call threatening to shut off your water or power, hang up immediately.

If you are ever unsure about GWP’s procedures, all residents are encouraged to call the GWP customer service department at (818) 548-2070 for verification. Customers should never feel embarrassed or be pressured to provide personal information, or be coerced into signing up for programs. If you notice any suspicious activity near your residence or are contacted by someone collecting money or impersonating City personnel, please contact the Glendale Police Department at (818) 548-4911 immediately.

If you are unsure of the status of your account, you can visit anytime. Payments are always either made through the website, through the Mobile My Connect App, or through the prerecorded telephone IVR system at (818) 548-3300.

For more helpful tips to avoid being scammed, click here.

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