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Hazing Coyotes in Our Neighborhoods

One of the best parts about living in Glendale is being able to enjoy the comforts of the city while being close to natural beauty and wonder of the Verdugo Mountains and other open spaces. However, with that beauty come inevitable run-ins with local wildlife, including the coyote. To promote community safety and information on keeping coyotes out of our neighborhoods, the Northwest Glendale Homeowners Association will be hosting a special forum in partnership with the Glendale Police Department. The forum will take place 7:00 pm Thursday, May 11, 2017 at the Brand Library Auditorium and is open to everyone.

The forum’s title, “Hazing Coyotes in our Neighborhoods”, may sound funny, but hazing is an important part of pushing coyotes out of our neighborhoods and keeping them wild. Hazing refers to the act of using deterrents to move an animal out of an area or discouraging certain behaviors. It can refer to using noise makers to scare them out of areas with people, spraying them with water, or doing something else that discourages their association with people and areas populated by people.

It is often the humans in our neighborhood who are to blame for animals losing their fear of people and wandering into our communities, however, there are things that can be done to stop it. The Glendale Police Department has some helpful tips to make your neighborhood less attractive to our coyote neighbors.

  • Deer-proof your landscaping by avoiding plants that deer like to eat.

  • Trim brush to reduce hiding places.

  • Don’t leave small children or pets outside unattended.

  • Install motion-sensitive lighting around the house.

  • Don’t allow pets outside when animals are most active—dawn, dusk, and at night.

  • Bring pet food inside to avoid attracting raccoons, opossums and other potential prey.

  • Put garbage in tightly closed containers that cannot be tipped over.

  • Remove sources of water, especially in dry climates.

The Northwest Glendale Homeowner’s Association presentation will be hosted at the Brand Library Auditorium and feature Cathy Shoonmaker, Conservation Urban-Wildland Specialist from the National Park Service. The event will feature tips to keep your family safe in coyote country and what you can to deter further encroachment. Though the forum will be hosted by the Northwest Glendale Homeowner’s Association, anyone may attend.

For more information visit, or call (818) 548-2051

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