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Glendale’s Guide to Eateries: Best Burgers in Town

We at the City of Glendale love a good burger. It is not just the juicy meat and intoxicating mix of condiments, toppings, and bun, but what the burger represents – the beginning of summertime barbeques and longer days. As the City of Glendale enters Memorial Day weekend and summer, we thought it was time to take a look at some of the best burger spots here in the Jewel City.

Glendale’s restaurant and dining scene has long been growing with the city. While we only focus on the good ole’ burger here, our community has an astounding variety of delicious offerings just waiting to be tried.

In no particular order, enjoy the best of Glendale’s burger scene.

We begin our list with a true classic – the Great White Hut. The small white stand has graced the corner of Orange and California since 1947. Although ownership has changed several times in its 70 year history, the ingredients are still fresh and the burgers delicious.

The Great White Hut is located at 121 W California Ave, Glendale, CA 91203. Visit for more info.

A relative newcomer to the Glendale food scene, Eden on Brand features a wide array of drinks, food, and delicious burgers. Their burgers include: the fried-egg and sweet potato-sausage hash topped “Rehab Burger”, their “Black Label Burger” with truffle garlic aioli, and the “Firehouse Burger” topped with habanero jack cheese, Applewood-smoked bacon, Giardiniera, field tomato, and avocado crema. If the food isn’t enough, the rooftop bar and trendy elegance of the interior will be sure to make you stay for a drink or two.

Eden on Brand is located at 214 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA 91203. Visit for more info.

  • In-N-Out

We can’t talk about great burgers in Glendale without mentioning the true California icon that is In-N-Out. Starting in 1948 as a drive through burger stand, In-N-Out has become a staple of the Southwest and Pacific Coast with their classic double-double burgers and delicious fresh cut fries. And of course every In-N-Out fan knows about their “secret” menu options.

Glendale is home to two In-N-Out locations. You can either get your fix at the 119 South Brand Boulevard location or at 310 North Harvey Drive. For more information, visit

  • Everest Burgers

The family owned and operated Everest Burgers has been serving huge burgers and delicious breakfasts since their first locations opened up here in Glendale. Whether you are in the mood for an Avocado and Bacon Cheeseburger, an Old Fashion Sloppy Joe, or one of their massive breakfast plates, Everest has it all, and Everest does it well.

Grab a bite from Everest’s huge menu at their 3826 Foothill Boulevard location or at 241 North Central Avenue. For menu and more information, visit

Central Grille offers a contemporary change of pace in both burger and interior design. A charming modern interior, full-bar of handcrafted cocktails and craft beers, and savory yet healthy food make this place a go-to for any burger adventurer. You can have the traditional “The Grille” Burger, a handcrafted and healthy veggie burger, or the caramelized onion and bacon topped Monster Burger. Sliders, pizzas, sandwiches, and a large breakfast menu round out this healthy stop for those looking for a modern twist.

Central Grille is located at 801 North Central Avenue, Glendale, CA 91203. For more information, visit

The New York based burger craze has finally arrived here in California, and it is right across from the Americana! What began as a hot dog stand in Madison Square Park has grown into one of the hottest burger joints in the country. Their burgers consist of 100% all-natural Angus beef on a Martin’s Potato Roll with all your favorite toppings. Not to mention the delicious shakes and fries –including the location-specific Caruso’s Crunch made with chocolate custard, marshmallow sauce, slated peanut butter cookie, and chocolate toffee.

Shake Shack is located across the street from the Americana at 252 South Brand Boulevard. For more information, visit

If you aren’t in the mood for the latest burger trend and want to go back to a time of simple and delicious food, then check out long-time local favorite, Troy Burgers. This Glendale classic has been cooking up hearty breakfasts and classic burgers for years, and residents keep coming back for more. If you are looking for cheap burgers and some of the best chili cheese fries California has to offer, stop on by or drive through Troy Burgers.

Troy Burgers is located on 520 South Glendale Avenue, Glendale, CA 91205. For more information and to hear about their extensive menu, call (818) 241-1738.

We get it – sometimes one burger is just not enough. That is why the latest burger spot in Glendale, Burgerim, lives up to its “always more than one” philosophy with duo, trio, or 16 mini patties. Each delicious burger is completely customizable and lets you choose from 3 buns, 5 different sauces, 10 types of fresh and made-to-order patties, and 9 unique toppings. So live it up and enjoy multiple burgers made how you want it - we don’t judge.

Burgerim is located at 1350 East Colorado Street, Glendale, CA 91205. For more information, visit

No list of Glendale’s best burger spots would be complete without taking a look at North Glendale’s diverse and various culinary offerings. Taking a stroll down Honolulu Avenue and you are hit with the sheer amount of food choices, but for the burger connoisseur there is no better place than the Black Cow Café. Featuring a short but tasty menu of fresh and mouthwatering burgers, the Black Cow Café impresses with their Grilled Ahi Burger, Turkey-Portobello Burger with Smoked Mozzarella, and Angus Beef Burger with Maytag Blue Cheese. If you aren’t in the mood for an original burger their menu features pasta, wraps, Paninis, and more.

The Black Cow Café is located at 2219 Honolulu Avenue, Montrose, CA 91020. For more information, visit

Our list is by no means exhaustive, and there are plenty of other amazing burgers and cuisines for you to try all over Glendale. Visit for other great restaurants in the community.

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