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Flag Day’s Montrose Origins

Even before the hashtag #MeetMeInMontrose was born, people met in Montrose. And in the 1960s, during the dark days of the Vietnam War, a group of caring individuals met in this Montrose to discuss an idea. That idea was ultimately recognized as National Flag Week.

Those individuals were Vito Cannella, Bill Bailey, Congressman H. Allen Smith, and the Crescenta Cañada Rotary Club. They wanted to share their love for their country. And they wanted to honor the men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend the American flag and what it stands for. So, these individuals collected thousands of signatures in their effort to proclaim the week including June 14 as National Flag Week.

Congress eventually noticed the growing movement. With a joint resolution, Congress proclaimed this week as National Flag Week and June 14 as Flag Day. The resolution also ordered the President of the United States to memorialize this week in an annual proclamation.

Each year since 1966, the President of the United States has issued a proclamation declaring the week including June 14 as Flag Week. The proclamation calls upon all Americans to display the American flag as a tribute to one of its treasured national symbols.

On this 52nd year of National Flag Week, be sure to display the American flag with pride – not only in country, but in our local Glendale community, too.

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