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Glendale Library, Arts & Culture: Services and Resources to Help You During the Coronavirus Pand

While Libraries are closed until April 19th, Glendale's Library, Arts & Culture Department is working hard to provide you with library services as best as possible. Library, Arts & Culture has:

  • Produced Saturday morning storytime videos in English and Spanish which have been posted to the Library Department's social media pages.

  • Extended check-out periods and hold times.

  • Adjusted its website to push access to eMaterials to the forefront.

  • Increased access to Age of Learning’s product, which give children access to their learning platform from home, This increase was provided by Age of Learning at no cost.

  • Switched all book buying to eBooks and eAudio-books only.

  • Added 100,000 always-available eBooks to its virtual collection.

  • Added access to 7,000+ newspapers & magazines in over 100 languages.

  • Instituted a program called Brand at Home - a selection of historic and current images from The Brand, photos and videos of programs and exhibitions, along with library resources to provide entertainment and enrich one’s day.

This all is in addition to the 500+ online learning courses, the 70+ language-learning courses, the thousands of eBooks, & audiobooks, the 50,000+ streaming movies, and the 15 million+ songs that Glendale Library, Arts & Culture already offers. Visit to start exploring today!

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