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Meet Me on Brand... For Wine!

Brand Boulevard is the epicenter of activity in Downtown Glendale and the new Meet Me on Brand campaign helps demonstrate just how energized your next visit could be. The City of Glendale’s Economic Development Division produced a series of short videos to showcase how individuals with different tastes and styles enjoy Brand Boulevard. Whether shopping, dining, or just looking for a good time, you are encouraged to say “Meet Me on Brand” morning, day, or night. Brand Boulevard has it all for those who live here, work here, and who want to explore here, seven days a week, 18-hours a day. With international cuisine, renowned shopping, and new luxury apartment units, there are Brand Boulevard experiences for everyone. Share how you explore Brand with the hashtag #MeetMeOnBrand on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and see what others have discovered. With ongoing developments in the downtown, the Glendale Economic Development Division is committed to the success of all types of businesses which contribute to the 18-hour a day lifestyle. Learn more about what’s happening on Brand Boulevard and what’s coming up at


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