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A Love of Trees Bring Beauty to Median

Mr. Gombiner with planted trees

Commuters on their way to the 134 and 2 Freeway junction may have noticed extra greenery this month at the intersection of Broadway and Harvey Drive. Sixteen new trees were planted on the intersection’s large median island through a collaboration between the City’s Forestry Section and Glendale businessman Andy Gombiner. Mr. Gombiner, who has a long history of planting trees in Glendale, approached the City with an offer to donate new trees for the median in the spring. Motivated by his commitment, Forestry staff selected a mix of native and non-native trees to complement the existing mature pines on site. The Parks Department installed new irrigation for each of the trees to ensure their establishment and success. We asked Mr. Gombiner to share what inspired him to donate trees to the City via email. He wrote,

“I've owned apartment buildings in Glendale for the better part of 20 years. I strongly believe in the benefits of trees in residential neighborhoods. Aside from their beauty, trees provide shade and cool the air, thus saving energy. A tree-lined street also encourages residents to be outside more and interact, improving the sense of community. In the case of this median, these trees will eventually obscure the view of a large intersection and absorb some of its sound. I would encourage other business people to donate trees not only for their numerous benefits to the community, but because it makes sound business sense as well. Where a canopy of trees exists, apartments and offices rent more quickly and have a higher occupancy rate. Workers report more productivity and less absenteeism. I could go on and on!”

Residents who are interested in donating trees or organizing a tree planting project with the City are encouraged to reach out to the City’s Arborist Technician at 818-550-3402.


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