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Art Installation on Display at Glendale's Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station

Artist Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke’s installation, Another Life, will be on display at the Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station from March 1 – April 9, 2021. “Another Life” is an art installation uniquely created with recycled local fallen palm fronds, palm dried fruit branches and sycamore leaves. This project appeals to individuals from all walks of life, so don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy this installation at Adams Square Mini Park.

The mission of the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission is to enrich the human experience, reinforce Glendale’s identity and civic pride through arts and culture, and to recognize the importance of arts to our quality of life and to the local economy. This is accomplished by consciously integrating arts and culture into the daily life of the people of Glendale through urban design, planning, economic development, and education. For more information about the Glendale Arts and Culture Commission see the website:


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