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Council Continues Ban on Commercial Cannabis Activities

The Glendale City Council unanimously voted to extend the existing ban on the public use and sale of recreational and medical marijuana in the City of Glendale.

With its decision, the Council did not change any zoning codes to allow for the development of marijuana dispensaries and related facilities. That type of change – amending the City Charter – would have required a minimum 4-vote majority of the Council to pass.

A range of thoughts and opinions were expressed about this matter by the public, of whom 50 members addressed the council over a nearly 2-hour long public comment period.

Reflective of the community it represents, the Council also shared a range of thoughts. As part of its vote, Council also directed city staff to study outcomes in cities that have approved the sale and use of recreational marijuana and return to council within the next year with a pro/con analysis of those outcomes.

For the full discussion of City Council’s November 14 meeting, watch here. For updates about marijuana’s place in the City of Glendale, please visit


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