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Council Quick Take

Afternoon Items

The City Council approved a Professional Services Agreement with Keyser Marston and Associates to conduct a comprehensive study related to an Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance and Affordable Housing Development Impact Fee. The source of funding for this contract is the Low & Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund, a non-General fund, specifically for affordable housing. Inclusionary zoning is a legal standard requiring the inclusion of affordable housing units in new residential development projects. The Housing Authority also adopted a resolution of appropriation authorizing the funding of the study. Full staff report can be found here.

The Housing Authority also adopted a resolution approving the draft Replacement Housing Plan for Housing Authority owned land at 5th Street and Sonora Avenue for the development of a 66 unit affordable, rental housing project for seniors. The video can be found here.

The Glendale City Council adopted a motion to note and file and provide feedback regarding the Executive Summary outlining the current status of the Public Art Master Plan (PAMP). The PAMP is intended to provide expert counsel on the most impactful, fiscally responsible, effective, and sustainable ways for public art to enhance the City of Glendale. The Executive Summary outlining the current status of the Public Art Master Plan (EXHIBIT 2) and prepared by consultant Barbara Goldstein, outlines a vision for the arts in Glendale and proposes a multi-year strategy for the use of the Urban Art Fund. It establishes a series of actions that will advance the ongoing viability of arts and culture in Glendale by commissioning artists and artworks, funding public programs; providing technical support to artists, arts organizations and property developers; and supporting arts venues and marketing efforts. The report includes program recommendations, policy recommendations, administrative recommendations, and an implementation plan.

Consent Items

The Glendale City Council approved the consent calendar, which included two items, with one unanimous vote.

City Council authorized the execution of an amendment to the City’s existing agreement with Clean Energy, adding construction activities related to the Beeline Maintenance Facility. As part of the Beeline Maintenance Facility project, it was determined that the placement of the primary building location would require relocating the existing Clean Energy gas supply lines and related electrical and phone lines to the compression compound. The cost for Clean Energy to relocate lines and install the new fuel island was anticipated during the Beeline Maintenance Facility planning process and is included in the previously approved Beeline Maintenance Facility project budget. Full report can be found here.

City Council also authorized two motions relating to the Glendale Police Department Museum:

1) A motion awarding a contract to Dorado Design and Construction, Inc., for the construction of the Glendale Police Department Museum Project in the amount of $224,654, and approving a 10% reserve for contingency in the amount of $22,465.

2) A motion accepting funds from the Glendale Police Foundation in the amount of $25,000 for the construction of the Glendale Police Department Museum. The Glendale Police Foundation has been actively raising funds for the purpose of constructing a museum within the existing lobby space of the Glendale Police Building. The foundation has $205,000 available for the construction of the museum. These funds have been raised from a broad cross section of the community, including commitments from Glendale’s Employee Associations (POA, GMA, GCEA). The Glendale City Council adopted a resolution of appropriation to transfer $205,000 from the revenue account to the Construction Services, CIP Reimbursement Fund, Police Projects, Glendale Police Department Museum Project account. The full report can be found here.

Adoption of Ordinances

Glendale City Council moved a motion to adopt changes to Title 30 of the Glendale Municipal Code relating to standards for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The changes made include increasing the maximum size of ADUs from 500 Sq. Ft. to 600 Sq. Ft., deleting the section that related to horse overlay zones, which would allow the conversion of garages in the zone, and amending the section related to the rental agreement, which would require that the lease or rental agreement between the property owner and a tenant of a property that contains an accessory dwelling unit contain a provision that prohibits the tenant from subleasing either the residential dwelling or the accessory dwelling unit. To view the discussion, click here.

Action Items

Glendale City Council adopted resolutions authorizing placing a proposed Charter amendment on the ballot for the June 5, 2018 consolidated election, which would revise the date of the general municipal elections from the first Tuesday in April in each odd-numbered year to the same date as the statewide primary election date in even-numbered years. This item included the approval of three additional resolutions:

1) Calling for arguments for or against the proposed Charter amendments,

2) Calling and Giving Notice of the Holding of a Special Municipal Election to be Held on June 5, 2018; and Asking the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to Consolidate the Special Election with the Statewide Primary Election; and Authorize the City Clerk and his Duly Authorized Officers and Agents to Carry out all Necessary Procedures for Said Election Working with the County of Los Angeles, and

3) Resolution of appropriation. The full staff report can be found here.

Next Meeting

The next regular City Council Meeting is scheduled for February 6, 2018 at 6 p.m. at Glendale City Hall in City Council Chambers. A Housing Authority meeting will precede it at 3 p.m. More information about the topics to be discussed can be found in the links provided in this section.


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