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Council Quick Take 4/17/2018

Afternoon Items

Glendale City Council and the Housing Authority approved the following:

1) Resolution Adopting an Environmental Negative Declaration.

2) FY 2018-19 CDBG, ESG, and HOME Annual Action Plan totaling $3,100,440. Council authorized submission of the Annual Action Plan to the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and authorized the City Manager, to move excess, cancelled, or unused program funds under $50,000 from one project to another with CDBG Advisory Committee Approval. This includes redirecting $89,680 in CDBG funds from the cancelled FY 2016-17 Door of Hope flooring installation project to FY 2018-19 un-designated community projects, and $38,000 in pre-designated projects from the FY 2018-19 Carr Park shade structure project to the FY 2018-19 Pacific Park playground and pool shade structures project. The full staff report can be found here.

Consent Items

Glendale City Council approved the consent calendar.

City Council approved the resolution adopting the plans and specifications for the implementation of the bicycle transportation plan project, phase 3, specifications No. 3770, plan Nos. 1-3052 and 49-235; and directing the City Clerk to advertise for bids. In August of 2012, the City Council adopted the Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP). The BTP emphasizes cycling as a mode of transportation and is consistent with recently adopted State and Federal laws and guidelines for bicycle planning. The full staff report can be found here.

City Council approved a resolution adopting the Fiscal Year 18-19 SB1 project list which consists of the San Fernando Road rehabilitation project, Phase 3 and Highland Avenue rehabilitation project. The City currently receives transportation funding from the State of California typically in the form of grants, or direct allocation of the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax (Gas Tax), through the Highway Users Tax Account (HUTA). HUTA funds are used primarily for pavement rehabilitation. The full staff report can be found here.

Action Items

City Council approved the motion awarding a Construction Contract to Paip Inc., dba Excel Paving Company in the amount of $1,228,619.00, approving a 10% reserve for contingency in the amount of $122,861.90, and authorizing the City Manager to execute the contract for the Kenneth Road Rehabilitation Project. Furthermore, the Council approved a motion authorizing an increase to West Coast Arborist’s Contract (Cl 05967) in the amount of $36,200, and authorizing the City Manager to execute the necessary Contract Change Order. The full staff report can be found here.

Council adopted the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Glendale (City) and Glendale Unified School District (GUSD), approving a 20 year agreement and granting GUSD the oversight of all maintenance and operations of Stengel Field. The full staff report can be found here.

City Council approved a motion to approve the CSP 2017 Senior Needs Assessment Report and directed staff to create a Senior Services Committee that will meet quarterly and be comprised of seniors, senior advocates, and senior services professionals in Glendale who are community stakeholders. In addition, they approved a motion for the City of Glendale to become a member of the AARP Age-Friendly Network of Cities in 2018 to make a commitment to actively work toward making the City a great place for people of all ages.The full staff report can be found here.

Furthermore, Glendale City Council approved the following:

1) Motion approving the Central Park Block Master Concept Design and directed Staff to proceed with grand steps schematic design.

2) Motion approving Stage I Design Submission for the Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California.

3) Motion Authorizing staff to complete lease negotiations with the Armenian American Museum and Cultural Center of California (“AAMCCC”) for the Property based on the business terms described in the staff report, and directed staff to return to the City Council for consideration of the lease after negotiations are complete. The full staff report can be found here.

Public Hearing

R3 Real Estate Investors, LLC, withdrew the application to build the Indigo brand hotel at the designated site.

Next meeting

The next regular City Council Meeting is scheduled for May 1, 2018 at 6 p.m. at Glendale City Hall in City Council Chambers. A Housing Authority meeting will precede it at 3 p.m. More information about the topics to be discussed can be found in the links provided in this section.


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