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Council Quick Take: August 18, 2020

Glendale’s Council Quick take is here to give you the breakdown on the City’s Weekly Council Meetings. On August 18, 2020, Council met for afternoon sessions, as well as their regularly scheduled Council Meeting.

Special Meeting: Glendale City Council

Community Development, re: Art & Entertainment District – Retail Units On August 18, 2020, the Glendale City Council adopted a short and long-term strategy to re-tenant eight City-owned units as part of the effort to establish an active Art & Entertainment District. These units are located at 117-131 Artsakh Avenue, and have largely sat vacant due to the dissolution of the former Glendale Redevelopment Agency. Now, the City is in the position of finding permanent tenants that complement the City’s vision of establishing a vibrant Art & Entertainment District. The long-term strategy includes filling the units with a combination of food, artisanal, and arts uses. Next steps for advancing the long term strategy will include completing a design review and preliminary feasibility of these units before advancing to tenant identification. The Council also authorized the creation of a short term strategy, which includes the introduction of a pop-up retail program for short-term leases to test out recommendations of the proposed tenant mix. This will be introduced in Fall 2020. View the full Report to Council.

City Council Meeting

The following Consent items were approved with the exception of 4c and 4d, which were pulled for further discussion:

The Consent Items 4a. City Clerk, re: Minutes of the Special and Regular City Council meetings of July 28, 2020 and 4b. Glendale Water and Power, re: Specification No. 3871 and Plan No. 6926-E for the Brand Reservoir Slope Repair Project were approved. The following was pulled for further discussion: 4c. Public Works, re: Glendale Train Station 1st/Last Mile Regional Improvements Project, State Project No. ATPSB1L-5144(071) and CFDA No. 20.205 The Glendale Train Station (GTC) 1st/Last Mile Regional Improvements Project consists of general street and bike lane improvements around GTC. These improvements include street resurfacing, traffic signal improvements, tree plantings, as well as adding bike lanes in the surrounding streets. This project was advertised for bid solicitations, following the Councils’ approval of this action, and seven bids were received. The lowest bid came from Palp Inc. DBA Excel Paving Company (Long Beach, CA) in the amount of $3,478,900.30, which was approximately six percent below the engineer’s estimate. Funding for this project comes from several grant sources including Metro’s Measure M Local Return Fund, as well as State Gas Tax fund. Council approved a motion awarding a Construction Contract to Palp Inc. DBA Excel Paving Company and resolved to appropriate a transfer of funds for this project. View the full Report to Council.

There were no action items on the August 18, 2020 agenda.

The next Glendale City Council Meeting will be held on August 25, 2020 at 6:00pm. They will also meet at 3:00pm for Housing Authority as well as a Special City Council Meeting.

Meetings can be viewed on local cable: Charter Cable Channel 6 and AT&T U-verse Channel 99. Meetings can also be streamed online by visiting our Public Meeting Portal, or by tuning in to our YouTube channel.


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