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Council Quick Take: January 26, 2021

Glendale’s Council Quick take is here to give you the breakdown on the City’s Weekly Council Meetings. On January 26, 2021, Council met for their regularly scheduled Council Meeting.

Glendale City Council Meeting

Consent Items

Community Services and Parks, re: Los Angeles County, Workforce Development, Aging, and Community Services (WDACS) 2020-2021 funds for Youth Employment Services and approval of funding recommendations to the Glendale Youth Alliance The Glendale City Council approved this consent item. View the full report to Council

Action Items

Finance, re: Financial Status Report - November 30, 2020 Glendale City Council motioned to note and file the General Fund results through November 30, 2020, of FY 2020-21. The revenues received through November 30, 2020, totaled nearly $50.6 million, or 22.6% of the revised revenue budget. As of November 30, 2020, total expenditures are $91.4 million, or 38.7% of the total revised expenditure budget. The revised FY 2020-21 projected General Fund net use of fund balance remains at the $4.6 million reported during the First Quarter Financial Update, compared to the initial $4.8 million projection at budget adoption. This keeps the projected General Fund Unassigned and Charter Reserve Fund Balance at $76.5 million, or 32.0%. These amounts do not include Measure S revenues or expenditures. View full report to Council

Police Department, re: Ordinance Adding Chapter 9.19 to Glendale Municipal Code Relating to the Prohibited Items While Attending or Participating in Any Public Demonstration Protest, or Public Assembly Glendale City Council introduced an ordinance adding Chapter 9.19 to the Glendale Municipal Code prohibiting the possession of specified items at public demonstrations and protests. View full report to Council

Management Services, re: Publication Date of Agenda Reports in Advance of Council Meetings The Glendale City Council adopted a motion directing staff to publish the Agendas and Staff Reports for City Council and Housing Authority regular meetings no later than six days prior to the scheduled meetings, and to endeavor to publish the Agendas and Staff Reports at least eight days prior to the scheduled meetings. The Council also directed that this rule be implemented for all City Board and Commission regular meetings as well. The Council further directed staff to publish the Agenda Forecasts. Additionally, there will be supplemental agendas for those items that come after the posting of the original agendas. View full report to Council

Public Works, re: Revisions to Recycling Ordinances On January 26, 2021, PW Staff introduced an Ordinance amending Chapters 8.44 of the Glendale Municipal Code (GMC) to adopt State mandated Commercial refuse diversion requirements. The proposed ordinance clarifies responsibilities of waste generators, provides specific requirements to commercial generators and requires waste diversion services at special permitted events by the City. These new requirements have been modeled after ordinance language provided by CalRecycle to ensure consistency across jurisdictions. Several questions were brought up by Council regarding specifics of ordinances and the degree of flexibility that the City has in changing them. A separate memo to Council on that will be prepared and distributed. View full report to Council

Human Resources, re: Side Letter Agreement to City/IBEW Local 18 Memorandum of Understanding The City Council approved a side letter agreement between the City and IBEW/Local 18, which will enable GWP to outsource a sizable portion of its 12kv electrical distribution conversion work to outside contractors. The outsourcing of this work will greatly facilitate an already decades-long project. In the side letter agreement, skilled Electrical Line employees will receive overtime at double-time (rather than time and one-half) for the duration of the outsourcing. The 12kv conversion project will provide critical infrastructure upgrades to the electrical distribution system, which will increase electrical load capacity, reduce outages, improve overall system reliability and enable GWP to more easily integrate new environmentally-friendly programs. View full report to Council

Information Services Department, re: Professional Services Agreement with Tyler Technologies, Inc. for the purchase, implementation, software licensing and maintenance for the EnerGov Land Management System; Amendment with SDI Presence, LLC, for consulting services The Glendale City Council authorized staff to execute an agreement with Tyler Technologies, Inc. for the purchase, implementation, software licensing and maintenance of EnerGov, a Land Management System. The new software will replace the current license, permitting and inspection system that is used primarily by the Community Development and Fire Department. The system will also provide additional features and services to our community with online 24/7 access to apply for permits and licenses as well as, the scheduling of inspections. Some additional features that will be available to our community are the submission of plans electronically and automatic emails alerts regarding permit and license statuses.

Additionally, Council authorized staff to Amend the Professional Services Agreement SDI Presence, LLC, for consulting services. The Amendment of the agreement will expand the scope of work of SDI to include project management and consulting services throughout the implementation of the Land Management System. View full report to Council

Community Development, re: Request for letter opposing the proposed Griffith Park Tram At the request of the Friends of Griffith Park, the City Council directed staff to prepare an item for consideration on whether to submit a letter of opposition to the Griffith Park Aerial Tramway that is currently undergoing a feasibility study. The Friends of Griffith Park, Sierra Club, Los Angeles Audubon Society, and the City of Burbank have all voiced opposition to the project citing concerns including wildlife disruption, hiking trail closures, and public transit accessibility. This item was moved to February 2, 2021. View Report Below:

Report 8c_ Request for letter opposing t
Download • 177KB

Community Development, re: Update on the Status of Designated and Pending Historic Districts At the direction of City Council, Planning staff prepared an update on the status of the City’s designated and pending historic district overlay zones. Since the historic district overlay zone ordinance was approved by City Council in 2007, there are seven designated districts, two potential districts currently being surveyed, and a third district nomination that was reviewed and moved forward in the designation process by the Historic Preservation Commission in November 2020. The South Glendale Historic Resources Survey identified seven additional potential historic districts in South Glendale, though these are not designated or proposed until a resident begins the nomination process. In 2016, City Council established a new policy to offer Mills Act property tax reduction contracts to owners of qualified contributing properties in designated historic districts. At this time, staff is finalizing the application and supporting materials. Council encouraged increased education, enforcement, and prosecution of unpermitted work in historic districts. Council directed staff to revisit historic district process related to designated and pending historic districts and to complete the implementation of the Mills Act Program for contributor properties in historic districts. View full report to Council


Community Development, re: Nibley Park (1103 E. Mountain Street): Nomination to the Glendale Register of Historic Resources On February 25, 2020, City Council directed Planning staff to prepare a nomination to the Glendale Register of Historic Resources for Nibley Park, a City-owned public park at 1103 E. Mountain Street in the Rossmoyne Historic District. The park is currently identified as a contributing feature of the district. On August 20, 2020, the Historic Preservation Commission reviewed the nomination and voted unanimously to recommend to City Council that Nibley Park be listed in the Glendale Register. City Council approved this nomination. View full report to Council

The next Glendale City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 6:00pm. They will also meet at 2:00pm for afternoon meetings.

Meetings can be viewed on local cable: Charter Cable Channel 6 and AT&T U-verse Channel 99. They may additionally be streamed online by visiting our Public Meeting Portal, or by tuning in to our YouTube channel.


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