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Council Quick Take: March 2, 2021

Glendale’s Council Quick take is here to give you the breakdown on the City’s Weekly Council Meetings. On March 2, 2021, Council met for afternoon sessions, as well as their regularly scheduled Council Meeting.

Special Meeting: Glendale City Council

Community Development, re: Study Session - Status of Mobility Projects and Programs: Pedestrian Plan; Bicycle Plan; Citywide Traffic Study; Verdugo Wash; Shared Mobility; Slow Streets; and Vision Zero Planning staff presented City Council updates on Glendale’s Vision Zero Strategy including existing conditions and recommended improvements for the Pedestrian Plan and the Bicycle Transportation Plan. Originally adopted in 2012, the Bicycle transportation plan have undergone improvements at the Riverwalk, Kenneth Rd., Highland Ave, Oceanview Verdugo Blvd. Staff will bring forth a request to fund the Bicycle Plan Update during the upcoming budget discussions.

Staff also provided an update on the Slow Streets Program, which was initiated by Council in response to increased use of the public-right-of-way and need for social distancing during COIVD-19.

Further, the Citywide Traffic Study and Circulation Element are planned for updates; the Verdugo Wash design process and public engagement will kick off in March / April; and the Shared Mobility Pilot Program is scheduled to come to Council on March 9 for vendor selections and guideline updated. View the full report to Council

Glendale City Council Meeting

Consent Items

The following consent items were approved in one motion by City Council:

4a. City Clerk, re: Minutes of the Regular City Council meeting of February 2, 2021 and February 9, 2021

4b. Finance, re: Authorization for Destruction of Records - Finance and Innovation, Performance and Audit Departments

4c. Community Services and Parks, re: Regarding Acceptance of Homeless Initiative-Measure H funds for FY2020-21.

4d. Community Services and Parks, re: The America’s Job Center of CaliforniaSM Adult and Dislocated Worker Career Services Provider for the Verdugo Workforce Development Area

4e. Public Works, re: Final Map of Tract No. 73856, for a 34-Unit Condominium Subdivision at 518-520 E. Windsor Road

4f. Public Works, re: Approval of the Final Map Tract No. 75012, for a 5-Unit Condominium Subdivision at 1017 San Rafael Avenue

4g. Fire Department, re: Acceptance of funding from the United States Department of Homeland Security, 2019 State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP), in the amount of $426,900

Action Items

Finance, re: Financial Status Update - December 31, 2020 The General Fund results for the second quarter of FY 2020-21 were presented to City Council. The revenues received through December 31, 2020 total to $90.3 million, or 41.0% of the Q2 revised revenue estimate. Total expenditures as of December 31, 2020 are $116.2 million, or 49.2% of the total revised budget. The revised FY 2020-21 projected General Fund net use of fund balance is approximately $3.0 million compared to the first quarter projection of $4.6 million. This brings the projected General Fund Unassigned and Charter Reserve Fund Balance to $78.2 million, or 32.7%. These numbers do not include Measure S revenues or expenditures. City Council also approved a total of $76,966 in non-General Fund adjustments to the adopted FY 2020-21 budget. View full report to Council

Community Development, re: Status of the Slow Streets Program and Future Direction of the Program City Council provided comments on the Slow Streets program. Staff will bring back more information and alternate installation solutions. Council also asked staff to consider a pilot program for a more permanent Slow Streets program. The Slow Streets program was initiated by Council in response to increased pedestrian and cyclist traffic due to COVID-19. The program was application driven, with 85 of the 96 resident application approved. Slow Streets added 300 signs to 191 street segments throughout the City. The program was well-received by the general public but faces challenges in the durability of its signage. View full report to Council

Human Resources, re: Establishment of Classification Titles and Compensation for Employees of the City of Glendale

City Council adopted the Resolutions establishing eight new classification titles within two of the City’s bargaining units, the Glendale City Employees’ Association (GCEA) and Glendale Management Association (GMA). The Resolution includes eight new non-sworn job classifications within the Police and Fire Departments. None of these transactions represent an additional headcount in the budget, and any costs will be absorbed within the affected departments’ existing budgets. View full report to Council

City Attorney, re: Consideration of Findings re Appeal of Design Review Board’s approval of Design Review Board Case No. 2004770 located at 1248 Corona Drive. (Cont’d from 12/8/21, 1/12/21, and 2/9/21) City Council moved to continue this item to next week’s meeting on March 9, 2021. View full report to Council

Glendale Water and Power, re: Progress on Glendale’s Clean Energy Future The management team from GWP briefed the Glendale City Council on ongoing programs that will help Glendale reach a clean energy future. The briefing included background information on existing programs and progress, and indicated how specific new programs will build upon previous successes. The update included discussion about the Franklin Energy Demand Response Program, which will help customers be a part of the City’s clean energy future by allowing automatic changes in smart thermostat settings during peak energy demand periods, the Lime Energy Efficiency Program, which will provide energy efficiency audits and upgrades for commercial customers to help reduce their energy use, the Sunrun Virtual Power Plant which will create a virtual power plant by directly installing solar panels and battery storage systems on approximately 3,400 homes that the GWP can use to meet electric loads, and the study and design of solar and energy storage projects on City Owned Properties.

Additionally, Council voted to amend Lime Energy Services Company Commercial Direct Install Energy Efficiency Program to allow participation by large commercial customers, to help expand the program. View full report to Council


Fire Department, re: Public Hearing for the 2021 Annual Weed Abatement Program City Council approved the abatement order directing the removal of hazardous vegetation from the 618 unimproved vacant parcels, which were previously identified to the council as a public nuisance due to their potential wildfire risk. The Glendale Fire Department will oversee the efforts of the County of Los Angeles Agricultural Commissioner of Weights and Measures Bureau to abate these hazards. View full report to Council

Community Development, re: Public Hearing on Appeal of Design Review Board Case No. PDR2004976 located at 2941-2943 Honolulu Avenue This hearing was continued to March 23, 2021. View full report to Council

The next Glendale City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 9, 2021 at 6:00pm. They will also meet at 2:00pm for afternoon meetings.

Meetings can be viewed on local cable: Charter Cable Channel 6 and AT&T U-verse Channel 99. They may additionally be streamed online by visiting our Public Meeting Portal, or by tuning in to our YouTube channel.


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