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Council Quick Take: September 29, 2020

Glendale’s Council Quick take is here to give you the breakdown on the City’s Weekly Council Meetings. On September 29, 2020, Council met for afternoon sessions, as well as their regularly scheduled Council Meeting.

Special Meeting: Glendale City Council

Community Development, re: Economic Development Update on Business Recovery Strategy Grant Programs The Glendale City Council authorized staff to amend guidelines for a second round of the Small Business Recovery and Support the Arts grants, each designed to assist businesses and non-profits faced with financial hardship due to COVID-19. Among the changes includes allowing businesses and non-profits to be eligible for the Small Business Recovery Grant and Support the Arts grant even if they have received federal relief funds; CDBG Small Business Grants will still have the federal funding prohibition per HUD guidelines. The next steps for Round 2 will include a Community Outreach Phase from October 1 – 31, and to extend the Support the Arts Grants deadline to October 31. CDBG/Low Income Small Business Grant Application Period will open November 2 – 6, 2020, and the Round 2 – Measure S/Small Business Recovery will open on November 16 – 20, 2020. The lottery results will be announced December 1, 2020. View the full Report to Council.

Glendale City Council Meeting

Consent Items

4a. City Clerk, re: Minutes of the Special and Regular City Council Meetings of September 15, 2020

4b. Community Services & Parks, re: Regarding Amendment One to the FY 2020-2021 Elderly Nutrition Program (ENP Subaward accepting additional Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) funding allocation for senior meals

4c.Community Services & Parks, re: Regarding a Third Amendment to Phase II of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Verdugo Workforce Development Board and required local workforce partners in compliance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA).

Action Items

City Manager, re: Seeking Council’s position on California Proposition 15, Tax on Commercial and Industrial Properties for Education and Local Government Funding Initiative On September 29, 2020, the Glendale City Council passed a resolution in support of Proposition 15, titled “Increases Funding for Public Schools, Community Colleges, and Local Government Services by Changing Tax Assessment of Commercial and Industrial Property.” This proposition is on the November 3rd ballot in California as an initiated constitutional amendment. Should Proposition 15 pass, it would amend the California State Constitution to require commercial and industrial properties, except those zoned in commercial agriculture, to be taxed based on their market value, instead of the original purchase price. This changed would begin to be phased in beginning in fiscal year 2022-23. The measure would also reduce the taxable value of each small business’s equipment by $500,000 starting in 2024. View the full Report to Council

Glendale Water and Power, re: Scholl Substation Transformer No. 4 Load Tap Changer Repair GWP is committed to providing reliable and trusted service to its customers and, to accomplish this, GWP preforms timely repairs to power equipment. Transformer No. 4 at Scholl Substation is experiencing a malfunctioning Load Tap Changer. As a result, the Glendale City Council approved a Resolution to dispense with the bidding procedures set forth by the Glendale Municipal Code (GMC) and authorized the Purchasing Administrator to solicit competitive bids and execute an agreement for the Scholl Substation Transformer No. 4 Load Tap Changer Repair. View the full Report to Council

Glendale Water and Power, re: Consideration of Ordinance to Ban the Sale of Mylar Balloons in the City of Glendale (Continued from 9/22/20) The Glendale City Council introduced an ordinance to prohibit the Sale of Mylar Balloons within City limits. This item will come back to Council on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. View the full Report to Council

City Attorney, re: Consideration of Adoption or Extension of Emergency Public Orders Related to COVID-19 State of Emergency: Rent Increase Freeze, Face Covering Requirements, and Waiver of Parks Facilities Rental Fees for Specific Fitness Activities; Summary of Assembly Bill No. 3088’s Impact on City’s Rental Eviction Moratorium On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, the Glendale City Council directed the City Attorney to prepare a revised Emergency Order to revise Glendale’s Temporary Eviction Moratorium to align its repayment period with that of with Assembly Bill No. 3088 (Tenant, Homeowner, and Small Landlord Relief and Stabilization Act of 2020), which took effect on August 31, 2020. The City Council will consider the revised Emergency Order on October 13, 2020.

Residential Evictions:

Under Assembly Bill No. 3088 (“AB 3088”), Glendale’s residential eviction moratorium was modified to have expired on August 31, 2020 and it will be modified so that its repayment period will align with AB 3088. Rent Freeze:

The Council also extended the order imposing a temporary rent freeze to October 31, 2020. The City’s order prohibits residential rent increases for many rental properties in Glendale, excluding single family homes, individual units in condominium buildings, and units constructed after February 1, 1995. Any notices issued during the rent freeze or notices issued before the rent freeze that were to go in effect during the rent freeze period are invalid. A new rent increase will not be effective until the rent freeze expires and a new notice of rent increase is issued in accordance with state law. Visit for more information.

Face Covering Order:

The Emergency Order requiring the use of face coverings was also extended without an expiration date. The Council or Director of Emergency Services could subsequently rescind it when health authorities have determined it is safe to do so.

Waiver of Parks Facility Fees for Glendale-based Gyms/Fitness Facilities:

Due to COVID-19 health orders, many businesses such as restaurants, gyms and fitness facilities are not permitted to conduct business operations indoors. In response, the City has adopted measures allowing such businesses to operate outdoors either on the public right of way (where feasible), parklets created by the City on such rights of way, or privately-owned parking lots of said businesses. The City has permitted Glendale businesses and individuals, including Glendale-based “brick and mortar” fitness facilities that operate fitness activities or classes, to rent City recreation facilities for those activities. The City charges facility rental fees for the use of its parks and recreation facilities. On September 29, 2020, the Glendale City Council adopted a resolution enacting a Public Order waiving those fees.

Finance, re: Departmental Overview (Library and City Treasurer) This agenda item has been postponed to a later date.

The next Glendale City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 6:00pm. They will also meet at 2:00pm Special City Council Meeting as well as Housing Authority.

Meetings can be viewed on local cable: Charter Cable Channel 6 and AT&T U-verse Channel 99. They may additionally be streamed online by visiting our Public Meeting Portal, or by tuning in to our YouTube channel.


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