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Dangerous Baby Delivery has Happy Ending

On August 20 at 1:25 a.m., Glendale Fire’s Engine 25 was dispatched to a call of a mother in labor. As GFD pulled up on scene, a supplemental dispatch came over the MCT stating that the cord was wrapped around the baby’s head and the baby was not crying or breathing. Upon arriving, Firefighter Paramedic Leslie Scott took charge and guided the mom to the floor along with Paramedic Intern Mike Sevillano.

Inside the home, firefighters found the mother was in labor and the baby’s head was exposed. Immediately, FF/PM Scott worked to remove the cord from around his neck and delivered the baby. The paramedics cut and clamped the cord and immediately began suctioning the baby and then began with chest compressions. Paramedic Leslie Scott requested an additional BLS unit to transport the baby immediately. As the second BLS responded, Firefighters Kevin Stockton, Jessie Castro and Captain Derek Tamburro started patient care on mom as the paramedics transported the baby. As the paramedics continued to provide medical aid to the mom and baby on the way to the hospital the baby’s color began to turn pink and he began to breathe on his own.

The baby was brought to Adventist ER while mom was taken to Labor and Delivery accompanied by her husband. A short time

later the nurses wheeled the baby down the hall to meet mom and dad.

Glendale Fire Department’s firefighters and paramedics are constantly training to be prepared for any emergency situation. It’s important for the Department to have available resources and well-trained professionals to provide a quick response when the community calls.

Coincidentally, just that same day, Paramedic Intern Sevillano conducted a company school on childbirth and neonatal resuscitation to the crew. Just hours before the call, they had discussed this exact scenario. So when the dispatch came in and the supplemental texts were coming across, the crew knew they were meant to go help this baby and his mom.

We commend the E25 crew Derek Tamburro, Kevin Stockton, Leslie Scott, Jessie Castro and Ambulance Operators Edgar Arana, Zachary Polte, Karapet Emishyan and Jose Navarro for making sure this beautiful mom gets to hold her perfect little one-day-old son in her arms today!


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