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Discard Your Supplies Properly

When wearing gloves or masks, please throw them in the trash not on the ground.

Please exercise care in discarding personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks. Dropping them on parking lots before leaving an essential business and boarding your car creates a problem for someone else to deal with. If you are ready to discard them, locate the nearest trash receptacle for their disposal. Having them eventually float down our drains is not a solution!

Please do your part to help the City’s Public Works Department keep our city clean and reduce exposure to potentially contaminated material.

What Not To Flush

During this time, all of us are doing a lot of cleaning around our homes to keep our families healthy and safe in the face of the Coronavirus. Some cleaning may involve the use of disinfecting wipes or personal wipes that you may have in your bathroom or the nursery. Please discard all used wipes with your regular trash and do not flush them down the toilet. Unlike toilet paper, these products do not dissolve in the sewer pipes. Instead, they travel downstream, pile-up, and contribute to sewer blockages, overflow onto the City streets, and eventual sewage backup into our homes and businesses. These items are also not recyclable. Your attention to this will help the City’s Public Works Department keep sewage in the sewers underground, and prevent threats to Glendale’s public health and safety.


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