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Discovering Glendale's Doctors House

Built in 1890, the Doctors House is one of Glendale’s two remaining Queen Anne-Eastlake style Victorian homes. It was occupied in succession by four notable doctors, which gave the house its name. Subsequently, silent screen star and filmmaker Nell Shipman lived in the house from 1917 to 1920. The intent of this program is to not only to give the viewer a glimpse back into the Victorian era, but also highlight the original history of the home, recognize the 100’s of volunteer hours it took to move the house and restore it to its present condition and location at Brand Park, and reveal the histories of the doctors and their families who resided in the house.

The Doctors House curator Peter Rusch hosts this special video tour and leads the viewer through a fascinating and entertaining history lesson as he examines every facet of this wonderful home. From the most obvious exterior details, to the less obvious and intricate interior details, Peter will leave no historical stone unturned, just as he does during his in-person tours.

This video was produced by GTV in collaboration with Russell Harnden III and the Glendale Historical Society.


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