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Dry Wells Installation: Public Works Stormwater Capture Efforts

Dry wells, also known as underground injection control (UIC) systems, are stormwater infiltration devices typically constructed of a pipe approximately 3 to 6 ft. wide and 20 to 50 feet deep. They contain perforation at various locations along the structure and at the bottom (see image on the left). Dry wells can be used in a variety of situations to help facilitate the movement of stormwater runoff below the existing impervious surface improvements and various constricting ground layers.

Public Works has completed the installation of three dry wells on Broadway between Central Avenue and San Fernando Road, as part of the Broadway Rehabilitation Project. To date, Public Works has installed stormwater capture infrastructure that recharges the groundwater aquifers nearly an acre-feet each year.

Currently, two other projects also have the UIC systems planned for implementation: La Crescenta Avenue Rehabilitation and the Distributed Dry Well and Bio-Retention Installations at Various Locations. Click here for more information on all stormwater infrastructure improvements.


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