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Energy News Service Features Grayson Repowering Project

In its weekly California Energy Markets newsletter, Energy NewsData, an independent source of energy news, recently highlighted the proposed Grayson Repowering Project.

The project is intended to ensure a reliable electric supply for the citizens and residents of the City of Glendale.

The Energy NewsData article, titled “City of Glendale Looks to Repower Aging Grayson Power Plant,” provides a holistic picture of the need to repower the Grayson Power Plant.

From a clear and concise overview of the plant’s history and current reality to a simple and straightforward explanation of the proposed project’s environmental superiority and reliability, this article covers it all in two pages.

Since the publication of the article on October 27, the public comment period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report – a document detailing the proposed project’s potential environmental impacts – has been extended to Monday, November 20, 2017.

And for more information about the Grayson Power Plant and the proposed repowering project, visit the Rumor Page and

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